Instructor Resources

The Entry-Level Grade 8 Referee Course (shown left) is available in BrainsharkThe module integrates the following resources:

• US Soccer Online Grade 8 Course slides
• Individual Law Summary Videos developed by FIFA
• New US Soccer Laws of the Game Video Series
• Advice to New Referees videos
• Player Development Initiatives (PDI)
• Interactive Testing and Review using Google files

The 51 question 2018-19 Grade 8 Referee Course Test (shown right) is available in EasyTestMaker. It is also embedded in the Brainshark module for those cases when you take the test as a group. Hardcopy of the test and Answer Key are in Box. The questions are ordered so you can teach a little / test a little.

The course can still be found in conventional form in Box in the "Courses & Clinics" folder under "Referee Courses" if you'd prefer to use the PowerPoint files.

NOTE: The advantage to you as an Instructor by having the entire course in Brainshark is that you will not have to open individual presentation files each time as you move from law to law and then wait for the larger ones with embedded video to fully load. Since more and more classrooms have WiFi available, this should be a huge convenience. There is no voiceover to the slides – that's your job to say as much or as little on each slide depending on the makeup of your class. The instructor talking points are viewable just as in PowerPoint.

If you have any questions or suggestions re: use of this Brainshark version of the new Entry-Level Grade 8 Referee Course, please Contact Me..

The virtual document shown to the left was the reference forum for training and instruction prepared by the US Soccer Referee Department during the 2008, 2009, and 2010 professional soccer seasons. This document was designed to follow the format of the FIFA Laws of the Game as published in the United States at the time.

The guide is broken down by Law. You can browse content by selecting a Law from the menu. Within each Law, the content is broken down by category. Selecting a category within a Law will take you to that specific category.

Each category offers a brief description / direction from the US Soccer Week-in-Review or other relevant publication, e.g., former Position Papers, Memoranda, and Directives. Videos and other reference materials are provided for each category broken down by year of publication. By default, the panels are closed to save space on-screen. To access information from prior years' Weeks-in-Review, simply click on that year to expand the information.

IMPORTANT: Some of the information is obviously dated, so use wisely. However, much is still relevant today. This particular publication was one of the best produced by the US Soccer Referee Department and is still found today on several State Referee Committees' websites.

A copy of this virtual document with the accompanying files and videos is in Box. To use, download the entire Week-in-Review (2010) folder. Once downloaded, double-click on the LAUNCH.html file and you will see the Home Page displayed above.

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