For the 2016 Fall College Soccer Season, there have been changes made to the following 7 Rules:

• Rule 1 – The Field of Play

• Rule 4 – Players' Equipment

• Rule 5 – The Referee

• Rule 6 – Other Officials and Their Duties

• Rule 7 – Duration of the Game

• Rule 11 – Offside

• Rule 15 – The Throw-In

College Rules

You can reinforce your knowledge of the College Rules by studying the Flashcards above from Flashcard Machine. These study Flashcards are not a product of the NCAA or NISOA. If you have a question about a particular answer provided, consult your 2016-2017 NCAA Soccer Rules Book.

Rules Books are published every other year. The new 94 page 2016 and 2017 NCAA Soccer Rules Book cover is shown to the right. A downloadable PDF file version of the new Rules Book together with other key resources needed by referees who will be officiating NISOA matches for the 2016 Fall Season are located in Box in a NISOA Folder. The information there includes:

• NCAA Soccer Rules Book

• Rules Changes / Interpretations

• MISOA and GIC-ISOA Rules Meeting Information / Handouts

• Rule 5.7 Video Review

• Comparative Study of Rules and Laws

• 4th Official Guide / Match Form

• Overviews of Diagonal and Dual Systems of Control

• Instructions for Timekeepers

These revisions are described in detail in the 2016 and 2017 NCAA Men's and Women's Soccer Rules Changes summary shown to the left.

Visit the NISOA Website and the NISOA Central Hub in Arbiter for additional information to be posted throughout the College Season.