These are the online Recertification Training Modules required by Iowa for referees who did not earn enough continuing education hours during the year to be able to re-register with US Soccer. Review questions and/or the Recertification Exam for that registration year are embedded in each module.

Recertification Training

2015-2016 Referee Recertification Module:

Topics include Referee Assault and Abuse (US Soccer Policy Manual Section 531-9), Application of Advantage and Fouls & Misconduct from the 2015 Iowa Referee Academy, and the Offside Clarification Podcast from the Minnesota State Referee Committee (MNSRC).

• 2015-2016 Referee Recertification

2012-2013 Referee Recertification Module:

Topics include LOTG Changes, Advantage Revisited, Ask, Tell, Dismiss, Tactical Fouls / DOGSO, Referee / AR Positioning, Running the Line, and Foul Play.

• 2012-2013 Referee Recertification

2013-2014 Referee Recertification Module:

Topics include LOTG Changes, Advice to New Referees, Referee / AR Signaling, the Pre-Game Conference, Offside, Fouls vs. Misconduct, Referee Abuse, and Dealing with Concussion.

• 2013-2014 Referee Recertification

2014-2015 Referee Recertification Module:

Topics include LOTG Changes, Assistant Referees, Teamwork, Professionalism, Command Presence, Verbal Judo, Foul Recognition, Application of Advantage, Dealing with Dissent, and Offenses that are 100% Misconduct.

• 2014-2015 Referee Recertification

2016-2017 Referee Recertification Module:

Topics include the 2016-17 International Football Association Board (IFAB) revisions to the Laws of the Game (LOTG), Concussion Management / Heading Restrictions, and DOGSO Revisited per the changes made to Law 12 re: Denying an Opponent a Goal-Scoring Opportunity.

• 2016-2017 Referee Recertification