If you want to referee in calendar year 2019, you must complete your online registration between August 1 and December 1. If you do not re-register prior to December 1, 2018, you will be ineligible to referee matches in 2019. Do not wait until the last minute. REGISTER EARLY so you will receive your 2019 Badge before next Spring's Season starts. The longer you wait to register, the longer you will have to wait to receive your Badge. To re-register, refer to the following steps:

(1) Go to the IRC Website and logon to your personal RefLink Account. If this will be your first time logging-in, refer to the login help available on the Homepage. If you do not know your Username, Password, or USSF ID No., send an e-Mail to the Registrar, Jim Albertson, at to request the information needed.

(2) Once logged-in, you will be required to validate your USSF ID No. and date of birth. Look for 'My Account', on the left side of the page under Menu, click on it, and check to see that ALL of your personal information is correct. Update your e-Mail address if it has changed. Next, proceed to 'My Registration' also on the left side of the page under Menu to complete your registration.

...then you have not satisfied the minimum number of recertification hours required, and you will need to attend a Recertification Clinic before you can register. A list of Recertification Clinics will be available on the IRC Website Event CalendarIf you cannot attend an Instructor-led clinic, then you can complete the on-line 2018-2019 Referee Recertification Module to be located at Recertification Training – also found under Training above.

(3) Complete all the necessary parts of the Registration Form. If you have satisfied ALL the requirements for an upgrade (i.e., online modules, exam, fitness test, assessments) then check the request for upgrade box.

NOTE: The status should show OPEN for 2019 since we are within the Registration window. Proceed to re-register by clicking on the 'Click Here to Re-Register Now' button. If you are shown the following message...

You can now logout of your RefLink Account.

Jim Albertson
IRC Registrar
3710  24th Ave.
Marion, IA 52302

ATTN: 2019 Registration

Should you have any registration issues arise, please contact the Registrar, Jim Albertsonvia e-Mail at

(4) Follow the instructions that appear to complete your payment. Payment can be made online via our secure credit card transaction process, or by printing an official receipt and mailing a check or cash to the Registrar indicated on the site and listed below. Absolutely no registration will be approved until payment is received and with a proper form.

If you use the credit card transaction process and plan to register more than one person at a time with the same credit card, please be advised that you will need to wait at least 15-30 minutes before using the same card again. The transaction system has a secure default that does not allow immediate reuse of the card to prevent possible theft charges against your card. Once you have completed the entire registration form, click on the 'Submit and Process Payment' button. You will receive an e-Mail notification indicating that your registration is currently pending approval by the Registrar. Once approval has been authorized by the Iowa Registrar, it will be forwarded to US Soccer. NOTE THE FOLLOWING: In order to receive a 2019 Badge, you MUST send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Registrar at the address below. NO EXCEPTIONS! The entire process will take between 30-90 days depending upon how early you complete your registration. Don't wait until the last minute.

If you use the offline system for registration, you will need to send your cash, check, or money order (made payable to the Iowa Referee Committee) along with a copy of your Registration Form to: