The Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) has a YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, and Twitter Feed. You can Subscribe to us, Like us, and Follow us.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter


The IRC YouTube Channel SDI-IA Playlist (right) contains videos from FIFA, US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, the Professional Referee Organization (PRO), Major League Soccer, and many more.

Click the 'Play' button to watch the first video at the top of the Playlist. Click on the List icon in the upper left-hand corner of the frame to see a menu of all the videos currently in the SDI-IA Playlist.

Video presentations from Referee Academy Speakers are also available in a separate Referee Academy Playlist.


The IRC Facebook Page (left) is used to share interesting information and need-to-know updates from the US Soccer Referee Department, US Youth Soccer Region 2, and neighboring States' Referee Committees. General discussion threads, Recertification & Registration reminders, and features from the annual Terry Vaughn Referee Academy are also posted.


The IRC Twitter Feed (right) is a great tool to instant message Iowa's Soccer Referee followers quickly to keep them informed by micro-blogging what's going on without having to spend a lot of time crafting an entire post on the subject.