These additional Publications have been provided based on FAQs and feedback received.

Supplemental Publications

Iowa Referee Certification Requirements:

Iowa's additional certification requirements for Referee Grade 7A (Competitive) and for State Referee Grade 6. (A downloadable Match Tracking Spreadsheet is available for referees to utilize, and the data submitted on that record will be verified before referee grade can be upgraded.)

• Iowa Referee Certification Requirements

Fitness Tests:

Fitness Tests recognized by Iowa for Referee Grade 7A (Competitive).

Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses:

The 7 Offenses for which a Player may be Cautioned and shown a Yellow Card and the 7 Offenses for which a Player may be Sent-Off and shown a Red Card – with examples and report codes. Also, questions the referee must consider in determining whether or not a Player may be guilty of Misconduct. Finally, USSF Referee Report and Supplemental Report forms.

Comparative Study of Rules and Laws:

This Table provides an easy reference to the differences between the IFAB Laws of the Game, the NFHS Rules, and the NCAA Rules.

• 2017 Comparative Study of Rules and Laws